Mother and Daughter Circle

In this warm and innovative new Momentum Circle for mothers and daughters (16+) - either as individuals or together - you will dive into Jewish wisdom on dignity, acceptance, accountability, and more.

Thursdays at 8pm ET - Jan 20, 27, Feb 3 & 10

In partnership with Cultures of Dignity, you'll gain practical skills for managing emotions, building stronger relationships, and creating healthy families and communities.

The collective experience of mothers and daughters can help shape our own relationships, both with our families and with ourselves. Whether you participate on your own as a mother or a daughter, or together as a pair, this Momentum Circle will help you grow, heal, and move forward alongside other women who seek to do the same.

Open to all women 16 and over, this warm and innovative new Circle dives into Jewish wisdom on self-worth, acceptance, accountability, and more. In partnership with Cultures of Dignity, you’ll gain practical skills for managing emotions, building stronger relationships, and creating healthy families and communities..

Fee: $36
Subsidized by a donation from the Etrog Fund.


Session #1: January 20 @ 8pm ET

Words to Live By
Words matter. What we say and how we say it is the foundation of a peaceful home and a productive life.

Session #2: January 27 @ 8pm ET

See the Good. Say the Good
When we adopt an attitude of gratitude and give others the benefit of the doubt, we fulfill the commandment to "Love our fellow as ourselves."

Session #3: February 3 @ 8pm ET

You are seen. You belong
Inclusion safety understanding and acceptance are the four pillars of a culture of dignity in our homes and in our world.

Session #4: February 10 @ 8pm ET

Response Ability
Fairness, independence and accountability require personal responsibility and commitment to examining our behavior and to working on our character.



Rosalind Wiseman

From where we learn to where we work, Rosalind Wiseman fosters civil dialogue and inspires communities to build strength, courage, and purpose. She is the founder of Cultures of Dignity; an organization that shifts the way communities think about our physical and emotional wellbeing by working in close partnership with the experts of those communities–young people, educators, policy makers, and business and political leaders.

She is the author of multiple New York Times Best Sellers including: Queen Bees and Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends, and the New Realities of Girl World—the groundbreaking, best-selling book that was the basis for the movie and Broadway Musical Mean Girls, and Masterminds & Wingmen: Helping Our Boys Cope with Schoolyard Power, Locker-Room Tests, Girlfriends, and the New Rules of Boy World, which was awarded Best Parenting Book by Books for a Better Life. She is also the co-author of the Distance Learning Playbook for Parents: How to Support Your Child’s Academic, Emotional and Social Learning in Any Setting published in 2020 and the Owning Up Curriculum; a comprehensive social and emotional learning program for grades 4-12 which is in widespread use across the world.

Adrienne Gold Davis

Adrienne Gold Davis

Adrienne Gold Davis is the Director of Experience and Engagement for Momentum, and is an international Jewish educator. She was a Canadian television personality specializing in fashion, style, and beauty before falling in love with Judaism and making a major career pivot. She spent 15 years as a senior lecturer and community liaison for the Jewish community before joining the Momentum team. Today, she also hosts a top-rated podcast (Rise and Shine with Adrienne Gold Davis) and hosts Momentum 'Boost,’ a weekly interview show. She's been married for over 30 years and has two adult sons.